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Backup Tape Storage Dubai

backup storage in dubai

A lot of companies invest in tape backup storage every year as it is really cost-effective for them. Given the huge stack of data piling up each day in office, it only makes sense for employers to invest in tape storage. This kind of offsite backup storage is especially preferred due to its larger capacity and less maintenance. However, tape drives are sensitive to weather and can get damaged easily.

Employers have to safeguard the information stored in those tapes. A single tape can contain a horde of information which could mean a huge loss in case of damage. Dubai’s climate especially makes it possible to destroy your tapes to utter bits. By using third party tape backup storage for your tapes that is BlackBox, you can keep all forms of disasters at bay and keep your tapes in good form.

Our smart climate controlled system increases the shelf life of your tapes and helps protect the data in it in a safe and secure way. To protect against moisture, the tape backup storage units are made water proof as well. All of these measures are tried and tested, which means you do not have to worry about them failing at any point of time.

To protect against fire, we have a fire detection system attached, while the tape backup storage space is also constructed using fireproof materials. Thus, if you sign up with us today, you can rest assured as your tapes will be saved from damage due to our seasoned storage system.


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