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Have you delivered the project and its now time to move all the documents from the portacabin on site to a safe and secure place that is easily accessible whenever you need to retrieve a document? At Blackbox we have state of the art facilities to store, retrieve and manage supplier statements, agreements, purchase orders, large size design drawings and all related information used to deliver the project to the developer. We’ll send you a specialized team to map, index and file all your data so its easily accessible when the need arises. You can depend on Blackbox to deploy a team of experts to support you with all your information management needs.

  • Record Management centers located close to you
  • HR file management
  • Quick Access to files
  • Organize, sort, index and label each and every file
  • Safely organized record management center
  • Dedicated representative to serve you
  • Department file management (Finance, Purchasing, HR and Operations)
  • Extreme confidentiality measures applied by being based onshore without compromising a breach of information while entering and exiting the freezone.

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