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Data Protection

  • "Off-site data storage and retrieval is one of the best ways to protect your company from within."

Going by the present scenario, every organization has a host of documents to deal with as well as those that are stored in computers, what we call digital data. However, there are a zillion ways how data can break the four walls of the workstation and fall prey to all sorts of mischief and data theft.  A simple pen drive is capable of transferring all delicate and private company information from the workstation computer to an executive’s laptop. That’s what makes the entire process absolutely dangerous to handle.

Off-site data storage and retrieval is capable of keeping all your information in good form and not let it leak from your organization. Besides, this system allows people to get the information as and when required on a need-to-know basis for safety. On the other hand, reviewers can get access to the complete information as they are primarily working on the accessed data.

Tape storage thefts are the most common forms of problems seen in organizations. Data loss is a very crucial issue because a single tape can contain a lot of data that if left loose can cause many problems. Moreover, natural calamities and theft have easily become a commonplace in organizations. Also, building a wide database that can store all the work related information is a tedious process.

At Black Box, we put the organization’s needs at the pedestal and understand that every company is different and has its own set of rules and guidelines to follow. We conduct a thorough research of your company which helps us deliver better services. We confirm that your data protection plan is customized in a way that keeps everything safe and secure even with so many people operating the computers every minute.

Our facilities in Dubai such as Media Storage Vault make sure that all the tape drives and other forms of media are stored securely in a weather proof and climate controlled setting. Such arrangement increases the shelf life of your data, while each of the records is bar-coded accordingly for better retrieval. Facilities like these have been specifically tailored to overcome natural calamities, while we also make it a point to track information regularly to make sure the documents are safe and secure. 

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