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Day Forward Imaging

If yours is a multinational company, there will be times when many people need to handle one document at the same time. Though scanning the required documents seems to be a smart option, doing so all the time will be labor extensive and cost-depleting as well. Therefore with our day forward imaging service, we will scan only the current and the future documents. This reduces the overall cost as the older documents that are not needed are not getting scanned in the process. Since day forward imaging makes for a number of obligations, it is always better to outsource the process as it is more budget friendly.


What is Day Forward Imaging?

Scanning departmental documents that are required on an urgent basis

In house Black Box managed scanning that improves productivity and ease of handling documents.

High speed scanners and imaging software are used to fit in ample of content.

One of the most important benefits of day forward imaging is its cost efficiency. You do not have to shell out money for high end scanning machines. Because you’re outsourcing the process with us, we already have the right kind of devices and so the whole procedure becomes cost effective for you.

We also have a well trained staff that will provide consultation and customize your day forward imaging project as per your requirements. The information that needs to be accessed can be found easily, thanks to the customized indexing procedure that allows retrieval of the right data at the right time. Moreover, you can save your office space and manpower in the process as the work is systematically handled by us.

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