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Out of space in your clinic? Is it taking time for your administration team to get you that one important file that you need urgently but they’ve misplaced it since they’re busy managing appointments, suppliers and the day to day requirements to keep your clinic running smoothly. Its time to move to Blackbox. While you do your best healing your patients and always advising them to take preventative care before its too late, we do the same but with the information behind each and every transaction. Our state of the art record managment facilities are located close to you while you use your clinic space for your practice we use our space to organize, retrieve and deliver document to you faster than if it was sitting in an office in your clinic.

  • Record Management centers located close to you
  • Manage active/inactive patient files
  • Keep all patient records updated
  • Define document creation and destruction dates
  • Temperature controlled storage for x-rays
  • Quick Access to files
  • Organize, sort, index and label each and every file
  • Safely organized record management center
  • Dedicated representative to serve you
  • Department file management (Finance, Purchasing, HR and Operations)
  • Extreme confidentiality measures applied by being based onshore without compromising a breach of information while entering and exiting the freezone.

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