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Organizing claims, contracts, agreements and policies can sometimes be a frustrating task especially when you need to find that important file but its taken weeks to get to and management starts to add more pressure. The more clients you serve the more paper you generate and it will outgrow your office space if it hasn’t already. Thats where Blackbox can take the information load of your shoulders and you can now depend on the experts to do what we do best and thats managing information.

  • Record Management centers located close to you
  • Quick Access to files
  • Organize, sort, index and label each and every file
  • Safely organized record management center
  • Dedicated representative to serve you
  • Department file management (Finance, Purchasing, HR and Operations)
  • Extreme confidentiality measures applied by being based onshore without compromising a breach of information while entering and exiting the freezone.

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