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Offsite Record Storage

offsite document storage

Complete information security

Are you trying to swim amidst dozens of files? Then you can take advantage of our offsite record storage services. The storage units that are used in the process are climate controlled and weather proof. Moreover they are under 24/7 surveillance and are protected by top notch technologies such as fire detection systems, sprinkler and alarms as well as security personnel. Visitors are never allowed to enter alone as one Black Box employee will definitely be with them. Every records delivery is done in the most professional manner and it is noted down both digitally as well as in the form of paperwork. As the employer, we give you full power to decide who gets access to the documents and who doesn’t.


There are innumerable benefits of offsite data storage. Firstly, your time gets saved as you would otherwise be stuck in between a zillion files not knowing where to look for a particular file. Secondly, it doesn’t drain away your resources that would be spent in setting up a database at your workplace itself. Thirdly, it can save your manpower that can work on other productive tasks instead of arranging for a database. Why waste your time, money and resources, when you can store all the documents in an alarmed storage unit, properly categorized and in order?

Ease of Access

As soon as you hire Blackbox online, we take your records, port them to the respective storage unit, categorize them, label them and do everything that is takes to achieve ease of access to the right person. The files are tagged with barcodes and are computerized accordingly.  This ensures that the right document is found at the right time with complete ease.

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