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All Black Box Documents & Records Management facilities adhere to the strictest industry standards for security.

With increasingly complex records retention regulations and privacy concerns rising, records management is becoming a more important area of focus for organizations. Storing your records offsite can provide added efficiency, security and peace of mind, so that you can focus on your core business.

Facilities are alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day. All employees are issued security badges and visitors are accompanied by an authorized employee.

To support authorized record access and delivery, each client manages a list of authorized users, making sure that only authorized employees have access to records. For each records request and delivery that is completed, an audit trail of record activity is maintained through the use of bar-code labels, bar-code scanners and signed receipts.

All our storage premises have climate-controlling facilities. Optimal conditions ensure that storage devices stay in top conditions and documents do not get damaged because of the heat and humidity. Our storage facilities are also equipped with the latest fire detection and suppression systems technology.

At BlackBoxRM, we take extreme care to ensure natural disasters do not affect the valuable property of our customers. Our storage units are fitted with fire detection and sprinkler systems that are ratified by the local civic department. Before storing anything in our warehouses, we also ensure that the goods are safe for storage.

Our security systems are updated frequently. We make sure they are thorough and top-of-the-line. Our comprehensive security system features interior cameras for 24-hour monitoring of the vaults, on-premises security guards.

Confidentiality is a key to our success, and rest assured your information is highly guarded throughout the process of any of our operations. All information is deleted once a project is completed, if requested by the client.

We only give access to authorized personal assigned by Black Box to maintain the strict confidentiality. Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed between Black Box and their clients and also between Black Box and our employees.

Our People
All Black Box employees are trained to provide the highest level of experience and satisfaction to our customers. Our staff is on their toes to handle the intricate requirements of our clients.

At Black Box, we prefer to provide quick and easy access to critical information that ultimately gives our customers a competitive advantage.

“Black Box” is a customer focused office storage solution company with the sole objective of providing each of its clients with an un-paralleled level of service, coupled with the most competitive prices.

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